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Steam Wash System


Steam Booster System produces nothing but steam which directly implies that it uses less water. Our Steam Car Washer can clean a car using just 2 litres(approx.) of water, whereas a conventional power washing system uses close to 100 litres. Our steam car washer allows every area of the vehicle to be cleaned to a biological and forensic standard without leaving behind any waste, water, foam or chemicals. No additional equipment or disposal facility is needed with this product.

Technical Specifications

Weight100 KG
Hose Length10 Mts
Water Tank Capacity26 litres
Wax Tank Capacity10 Litres
Diesel Fuel Capacity10 Litres
Electric Power Rate110-220V
Washing LXWXH21.3 x 35.6m x 29.5 Metres
Electric Power Consumption
Steam GeneratorDiesel Fires Coil Technology
Steam Temperature80-90C(170-203F)
Preheating TimeBelow 1 minute
Water Consumption
600-1200cc/min(users can adjust)
MaterialStainless Steel
Automatic Wax Mixing DeviceON/OFF Function with time control

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